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Fuelling Hope

In young lives!



We Believe... 

Students can change the world they live in.


We Know... 

When they discover who they are and where they come from, it inspires them.


We're on a Mission... 

To see thousands of young people become changemakers in their communities.


Our Programs


You are here because you educate children, maybe as a teacher, a principal or something in between. You have a big heart for your students and you want to see them thrive to become incredible citizens. You’re looking for an assembly experience that will not just entertain them, but educate and inspire your students too.


We are I Am Compelled. We are a national charity inspiring students to become changemakers in their communities through their good deeds. Using our energetic and educational assemblies in elementary schools, we highlight Canadian history, government, and notable people to show students where they come from and how they can become involved in building a stronger future.


We’ve seen the potential in this generation of young people and we are amazed by it. We believe that we can inspire students today to become the next great wave of leaders in Canada tomorrow.


We offer...

45 minute theatrical assemblies for students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 and Grades 4 to 8.

Energetic + Educational

Our assemblies incorporate theatre, media and multiple interactive components that engage students in learning about:

  • Black History & Accomplishments of Black Canadians

  • Indigenous History & Our Role in Reconciliation 

Highlights include:

  • Curriculum connections to social studies, with strong focus on First Nation, Metis and Inuit.

  • Game Show Intermission and prizes!

  • Notable profiles of past great Canadians.

Call to Action

Students are challenged to become changemakers in their communities through their good deeds, and are encouraged to fill out the I Am Compelled pledge poster! ​


INUIT youth across Canada. 

More details to follow. 


Coming soon! 

Exciting Feedback!


"A brilliant way to connect the virtues to history. It really gets the students to realize that they can make a difference; that they can be compelled to care!" - Antoinette Hilario, VP All Saints Catholic School #PDSB​​

"I recently watched a performance of I Am Compelled with my grade 6 class. The performance was hands down amazing. It was engaging and relevant to the curriculum and most importantly, captured the attention of all my students. It incorporated comedy alongside the social studies curriculum and also provided motivation to the students to see they can make a difference."

- Grade 6 Teacher, Grand Ave Public School. ‪#‎DSBN​​

"I could see the teachers doing a checklist in their head on all the ways the presentation was connecting to the curriculum. It was fun, engaging AND educational!"  - Denyse, Chester Le Public School #TDSB​

"Inspiring, centered and relevant."  - Dr. Kissoon-Singh. Principal #PDSB


Help Us Fuel Hope In Young Lives!

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