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We Believe... 
In equipping young leaders to serve  
We Know... 
Education on past atrocities, ignites healing!
We're on a Mission... 
To see thousands of young people become change makers in their communities.


Our Programs

All of our normal assemblies have been put on hold at this time. We do offer 1 main presentation, which is perfect for Indigenous Heritage Month.

Use Your Voice - Black History Assembly 
Put on hold for now.
My Life Counts - Hope Tour 
Put on hold for now.

My Metis Story!
(Revised for students in K-8 & High School)

Right now, Canada is facing the daunting reality of the horrific mistreatment of Indigenous people - First Nation, Inuit & Metis.

Actions, policies and mandates, not only inflicted genocide on my people, it created an inequality and poverty still seen today.

Through storytelling, we can learn together from our past mistakes, and build a future with respect and honour.


Sharing my personal family story, not only helps your students to understand Metis culture and language, it restores honour to my heritage and ancestors.


Now accepting bookings, June 2022. 

Email: info@iamcompelled.ca



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