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What Principals and Teachers Are Saying About Us!

"I just can't emphasize enough what an incredible experience this was for our whole school.  Journey to Africville was a perfect blend of rich learning and an inspiring call to action to uncover Canada's hidden stories and their relevance in understanding - and changing - the Canada we live in today.  Staff and students just can't stop talking about it! - students felt super engaged, and they are also sharing all your social media posts." 

- Melanie Williams, Assistant Department Head, CWS, Glendale Secondary School, Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

"The "I Am Compelled" team brings history to life yet again in a meaningful, creative and relevant way. The video, artist expression, and storytelling honours those of Africville. Looking forward to bringing it into my school for students to continue to learn, grow and reflect upon history and their role as change agents." - Janine Franklin, Principal, Wilshire Elementary School, York Region District School Board 

"I love that this digital learning is available in schools. It is important to see that slavery was here in Halifax and it's not just an American issue."  - Joy Barnaby, Student Services, Craig Kielburger Secondary School, Halton Public School Board


What Students Are Saying!


"I’m white. This program taught me more about the hardships black peoples (and other minorities) go through that isn’t based completely in century old history."

- Grade 11 students, Toronto District School Board

"I felt as though the information was clearly and completely eye opening." 

- Grade 11 students, Toronto District School Board

"This was a great experience that I learn a lot from. I did not know anything about Africville and I am shocked by how people were treated. -Student at CKSS"

- Grade 9 student, Halton District School Board

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