Thank you for those kind words!

"A brilliant way to connect the virtues to history. It really gets the students to realize that they can make a difference; that they can be compelled to care!" 

- Antoinette Hilario, VP All Saints Catholic School #PDSB

"I recently watched a performance of I Am Compelled with my grade 6 class. The performance was hands down amazing. It was engaging and relevant to the curriculum and most importantly, captured the attention of all my students. It incorporated comedy alongside the social studies curriculum and also provided motivation to the students to see they can make a difference."

- Grade 6 Teacher, Grand Ave Public School. ‪#‎DSBN

"Crystal,  your team was AWESOME!!!  The entire I am compelled presentation really added to 

Our Canada Awards Ceremony. Thanks so much!"

- Kerry Sagar, #HDSB

"I could see the teachers doing a checklist in their head on all the ways the presentation was

connecting to the curriculum. It was fun, engaging AND educational!" 


- Denyse, Chester Le Public School #TDSB

"Inspiring, centered and relevant."  

- Dr. Kissoon-Singh. Principal #PDSB

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