The Concerns

According to a 2000 report from the Canadian Institute of Health, suicides among First Nations youth (aged 15 to 24) was 5 to 6x higher than non-aboriginal youth in Canada.

The Solution

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention stated that promoting HOPE and resiliency is central for combating suicide.

The Hope Tour

With the suicide crisis in Canada, mixed with our strong values to be a solution, The Hope Tour was mindfully created. 

  • The Hope Tour is specially focused on reaching and impacting First Nation students living in remote communities across Canada.

  • 'My Life Counts' (our brand new theatre assembly) was created to:

    • Honour and highlight First Nation heroes.

    • Inspire students to follow in the footsteps of those who've overcome.

    • Encourage students to see themselves as valuable and important.

  • Our team of actors, rap artists and story tellers will travel across the nation with a message of hope and resiliency! 

About 'My Life Counts' Theatre Assembly

Your students will love following the lives of two students who take a class trip to the National Museum of History. The teacher, Miss L, is focused on teaching her students about First Nation culture and heroes. She gives her students an assignment - to put themselves in the shoes of someone who has gone before them and prepare to share their discoveries. 


Julien is passionate about learning! He has a dream to become the next great rap artist this world has ever seen! He uses his new experiences to write a rap that will educate and inspire others towards positive action. His friend Cassy however, who was born in Romania, does not care about First Nation culture or heroes. She only cares about herself. She has a frozen heart and nothing seems to soften it. She constantly makes fun of Julien for having a dream to be a rap artist and tells him it will never happen.   

Miss L desperately tries to help her students open their hearts to Canada's rich heritage. But nothing seems to help Cassy open up. Eventually Julien and Cassy get into a heated conversation and part ways.....until they encounter a past hero in the museum who helps them with a change of heart.


Julien shares his discoveries in rap form while Cassy decides to go to school to help others in need! Their lives count!  

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